Our Mission Statement

To be an outstanding school – the first choice for children, parents and staff.

Culture and Ethos of Teesside High School

Teesside High School exists to support and develop each individual child in our care; we provide an individualised learning journey through a combination of rigorous academic challenges and nurturing support. Through our Diamond model of education, we strive to ensure that every boy and girl moves on to the next stage of their education as self-confident, inquiring, creative, tolerant, independent thinkers.


  • To provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment for all our pupils
  • To enfold our pupils in a secure, happy and supportive family environment
  • To be recognised in our region as a leading provider of excellent education in a 21st century context in the Independent sector
  • To ensure that our pupils acquire the skills to become life-long learners
  • To encourage our pupils to achieve their personal goals and objectives
  • To develop our pupils as tolerant individuals who respect others and their environment
  • To maintain the traditions of our school by promoting good manners and self-discipline
  • To develop our pupils as global citizens who have been prepared to work and interact with different cultures both physically and electronically
  • To use new technologies and formative assessment practices to engage our pupils in their own learning journey
  • To work closely with our parents to ensure the best educational provision for their children
  • To be committed to sustainability in our daily practices and in our use of our facilities
  • To treat all pupils equally and fairly in our daily dealings with them (please refer to our separate Equality Policy)
  • To maintain and develop the range and quality of sports, music, drama, outdoor and extra-curricular activities offered to our children
  • To foster positive links with our local community to enhance public benefit

Teesside High School is a charitable company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 572205 and Charity Number 527386.

Its Registered Office is at Teesside High School, The Avenue, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 9AT.