The Reception Class is all about building on the children’s prior learning and experiences within a happy, caring and supportive environment. Children are motivated to learn through a variety of exciting and stimulating activities utilising first hand experiences.

The children’s interests and imaginative ideas contribute to an engaging and exciting curriculum. Positive relationships with parents ensure the happiness and well being of every child in our care. Children are able to grow in confidence and maturity within the secure family atmosphere of Teesside High School.

Reception is a natural progression from the Little Diamonds Nursery and is aimed at building on from what the children can already do. Our caring staff will already know a great deal about each child and will plan activities suited to their individual needs. Our extensive curriculum reflects the rapid cognitive development that takes place at this age. The foundations of reading, writing and number are well established at this stage and at an appropriate pace for each child under the guidance of the Reception Teacher.

Enjoyment of learning is developed through a variety of exciting, creative play-based activities. The children are gradually introduced to more formal learning in preparation for their entry to the next phase of their preparatory schooling. To ease this transition into Year 1, there is an increasing emphasis on numeracy and literacy and further opportunities to participate in whole school activities.

Children in Reception are offered a variety of enrichment activities and school trips which take place outside the classroom and provide ‘real’ experiences, bringing the curriculum to life.

Children in Reception work towards the ‘Early Learning Goals’ in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. Children often exceed these expectations and will extend their learning by working towards carefully planned and more challenging objectives.

Children in the Reception Class will attend school for full days. The School day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.30pm. Parents who require wrap-around care are able to access a breakfast club that runs from 7.45am until school starts and a tea club that is available between 3.30pm and 6.00pm.