Sixth Formers enjoy the benefits of their own self-contained centre which is intended as a stepping-stone to University. The Centre is located in a particularly beautiful part of the grounds overlooking the river.

Sixth Formers share private studies where they have individual work areas and shelving for their books and files. Each study has no more than four students. There are also two well furnished and comfortable Sixth Form common rooms where students can relax.

The Centre is well equipped with two computer rooms where the PCs are largely for the students’ private study. All machines are fast and modern with full network and internet access. There are also some small seminar rooms in the Centre which are used as classrooms for Sixth Form groups by several departments. The scale of these rooms is ideal for the smaller size of Sixth Form groups and facilitate dynamic discussions. There is also a larger Conference Room which contains a library of university prospectuses and other material relating to Higher Education. This room is used for meetings and guest presentations to the Sixth Form.