Young Enterprise is an international charitable organisation. It encourages young people to set up businesses, produce and market a product and eventually present an account of their experiences to an invited audience of fellow YE students and business people.

Teesside High has been participating for several years with great success, often winning the area competition. Students in the Lower Sixth elect directors from their group and these directors run the company. Advisors from business come in to the weekly meetings to give the benefit of their expertise. Meetings are often lively as different viewpoints on the company’s activities are put forcefully; everyone plays an active part.

The Young Enterprise Scheme gives Sixth Form students an experience of the business world,and the organisation runs excellent training sessions and invites companies to local trade fairs at Durham and the Metro Centre.

Whether or not a student intends to make business a career there is no doubt that participating in Young Enterprise gives valuable insights into team work, problem solving, crisis management, and handling pressure, all of which are likely to prove invaluable skills in the future.

And it’s fun!