Some photos from events and activities within the Senior School.

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Winter Concert, December 2013

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High School Speech Day, November 2013

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Children in Need, November 2013

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‘Get Active’ Summer Holiday Programme, July/August 2013

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High School Sports Day, July 2013

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Year 11 Prom, June 2013

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Spring Music Concert, April 2013

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Teesside High’s Got Talent, March 2013

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Art and History Trip to New York, February 2013

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Ski Trip, Bormio, December 2012

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Speech Day, 13 December 2012

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Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Bronze, October 2012

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Junior Masterchef, September 2012

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MFL Rhineland Trip, July 2012

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Year 11 Prom, June 2012

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History Trip to London, April 2012

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Daisy Chain Charity Event, Feb 2012

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Year 7 Trip to Osmotherley

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Year 11 Prom 2011

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