Teesside High School students organise oar-some challenge for Sport Relief

Friday 23 March 2018 | By Samantha Hockney

Year 9 students at Teesside High School organised a competitive ‘Rowathon’ in order to raise crucial funds for Sport Relief.

The Senior School group tasked their fellow students and teaching staff with rowing the furthest distance possible in a two minute time frame.

Competition entry fees went straight to the charity and students also set up a post-challenge tuck shop, with the proceeds from drinks and snacks also being donated, too.

The heats, Year 7 vs Year 8, Year 9 vs Year 10, Years 11 vs 12 and Year 13 vs staff, took place at the start of the week – with two winners from each round facing each other in quarter final and semi-final contests on Wednesday and Thursday.

The grand final took place on Friday, a day when all students entered into the spirit of Sport Relief by coming to School dressed in the kit of their favourite sport.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the competition were Euan (pictured) in Year 8 and Jack Marsden in Year 11. Mr Tremlett emerged victorious in a close contest with Mr Atkinson for the staff title.

Kirsty Mackenzie, Head (Acting) at Teesside High School, said: “The Rowathon has been a fantastic way of getting all students active whilst donating money for Sport Relief.
“There was a super competitive spirit around the project, particularly with some of the older students and staff!”

Year 9 student Victoria said: “The idea of the Rowathon was to get as many people involved in a sporting activity as possible – even those who don’t consider themselves to be sporty or play for a School team. It has really brought the School community together for a great cause.”