Teesside High School SENIOR SCHOOLAs they enter one of the most crucial phases of their academic career, Teesside High School students are well equipped for the road ahead – with all the motivation, support and determination they need to achieve their full potential.

Throughout the Senior School our ethos of the enjoyment of learning and a commitment to the individual prevails. We encourage and support our pupils and through positive reinforcement we develop self-belief and confidence in our young people, which we believe is the key to success, together with the development of independent study skills.
The broad-based curriculum, which is constantly under review, offers far more than the National Curriculum lays down. We offer as many opportunities as possible to develop particular interests and talents. The freedom given to us by our independence means that we can construct a programme of study which at GCSE gives the option of studying the three separate Sciences, French, German, Latin, History and Geography, and more besides according to individual skills and preferences.

At all stages teachers use information from baseline testing which gives a good profile of individual strengths and weaknesses and supplement this with regular homework, visits, field trips and practical work to create the best learning environment possible for each pupil. The key to our success lies in the fact that the progress of each pupil is carefully monitored and close attention paid to individual needs.

Unlike many schools, our timetable is constructed around the choices made by the pupils themselves, particularly at GCSE and A Level.

A real strength of Teesside High is the vast range of extra-curricular activities and charitable projects that the pupils enjoy. The school day is constructed around an activities session every lunch break enabling the boys and girls to develop special areas of interest outside taught lesson times and become committed to raising awareness and funds for student-nominated charities. We excel in sport, music and more besides. Thus our students become well rounded individuals with a real awareness of life issues and responsibilities.