Senior Curriculum

Senior School students encounter fresh challenges as they develop, change, learn and explore on their journey to adulthood.

Our curriculum is designed to support this journey; significantly enhancing their skills in existing subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, but also trying new subjects such as Classics, Food and Nutrition and Latin, for example.

As an independent school, we have the scope to be able to support each student in following a unique journey towards GCSEs. Our framework of outstanding pastoral care enables students to make informed decisions and choices as they progress towards their examinations and achieving their goals. Our students are mature, confident, assured and achieve great success, often in 9-10 separate subjects.

The classroom experience at Teesside High School is very different to many other schools. Primarily, the classes are much smaller and this allows for much greater interaction between the teacher and students; a critical ingredient to ensure all pupils fulfil their potential.

All students are stretched and taught to pursue a growth mindset; the belief that their abilities can be developed through dedicated, perseverance and hard work. Our students acquire a lifelong love of learning and a resilience that prepares them well for their future.

Complementing the Curriculum

Summer Fair – Saturday 15 June
Join us to celebrate 125 years of the Former Students’ Association, with live music, raffles, funfair stalls and inflatables, delicious food and drink and much more.