Able, Gifted and Talented

Teesside High School is committed to providing excellence in learning for all children of all abilities.

At Teesside High School we firmly believe that all students should be given the opportunity to exceed their perceived potential. We strive to identify pupils with the potential to achieve higher levels of success and to also remove the barriers to achievement that some may encounter. We achieve this by having high academic expectations whilst providing an enriching curriculum that supports, challenges and motivates our able pupils.

We recognise individual pupils’ specific gifts or talents in any area. This may include aspects of the academic curriculum, sport, music, drama or fine arts. However, some pupils have greater ability which needs to be nurtured.

Our most able children are extended in a wide variety of ways in the classroom; all teachers differentiate lessons, extending able pupils with higher level thinking activities and critical research projects. Several members of staff offer a range of lunchtime or after school clubs to stimulate their intellectual curiosity, develop their problem solving skills, deepen their breadth of knowledge while also nurturing their creativity and ability to work independently.

Raising the aspirations of pupils forms an integral part of our AG&T provision: regular visits within the local community allow children access to a wide range of careers in a real-world context. During the last academic year, pupils in the Prep School were engaged and inspired through visits to the Pathology Laboratories at North Tees Hospital and the LabLive Science show at Hartlepool Borough Hall. In addition to this pupils had the opportunity to work first hand with experienced authors Kate Pankhurst and David Almond as well as participating in a visit from Shakespeare4Kidz, where pupils produced and performed a ‘play in a day’ entitled Mini Macbeth.

In the Senior School, students are stretched through a variety of competitions; The Big Bang Competition in Physics and Royal Society of Chemistry’s Analyst competition, to name just two. Last year, musicians performed to great acclaim at Middlesbrough’s Town Hall and at SAGE, Gateshead. Students hear from authors, business leaders and politicians, who inspire them to broaden their horizons and aim high. We encourage students to complete additional qualifications, GCSE Further Maths and Human Biology, for example, or an additional language such as Latin.

There are a wide range of sports available with pupils competing at county, regional and national levels in one or more fields and specialist music tuition in many instruments is a significant strength of the School.

Our students are taught to believe that anything is possible and we aim to motivate them to achieve this not simply in the classroom, but in all aspects of their well-rounded lives.