Pastoral Care

"Pupils are articulate and confident. They know the school well and feel comfortable here." Good Schools Guide, 2023

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As the curriculum forms the building blocks of learning, our pastoral system forms the cement which holds those building blocks together.

At Teesside High School we aim to create an environment where every pupil is happy and valued, and can realise their full potential. We deliver an education which informs and equips them for the challenges of life within and beyond the school, by developing their sense of responsibility, their self-reliance, their moral code and an awareness of other people and the wider community.

We aim to assist every pupil so that they can deal confidently with the practical matters that affect their academic life, and make the most of the co-curricular opportunities the school offers.

Teesside High School is a place where every pupil can thrive among their friends, in an environment which is stimulating and challenging, and in which they recognise and respect the diversity and individuality of others.


  • Staff: Every pupil has a form tutor with whom he or she has daily contact in House form groups of mixed ages. Overseeing and supporting these tutors is the school’s Pastoral Support Officer. The Deputy Head (Pastoral) has overall responsibility for the team and for pupil welfare generally within the school.
  • Pupils: Alongside this team of staff, our own pupils contribute to pastoral care at the school through our mentoring programme, tutoring, Student Voice and our House Captains and Senior Student Team.
  • Parents: Effective pastoral care is a partnership between the school and parents. Communication with parents takes place regularly through Parents’ Review Evenings, reports and homework planners but also less formally through emails, telephone and meetings as required.

Personal Development

Within the curriculum, our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is delivered by teachers and specialists from within the school and outside speakers. In addition to developing pupils’ study skills and career ambitions, it raises their awareness and understanding of key areas including: Citizenship, the Environment, Health and Economic Well-Being.

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