Scholarships & Bursaries

Teesside High School has a proud history of achievement and is keen to continue to attract outstanding pupils who will most benefit from the opportunities and experiences available here.

Teesside High School offers both bursaries and scholarships; please find the relevant information below.


Senior School and Sixth Form

The Board of Governors is committed to ensuring that bursary funds are available to assist families with limited means whose children are most likely to benefit from the education opportunities on offer but whose financial circumstances would otherwise not allow them to educate their child at Teesside High School.

Parents who intend to apply for a bursary should contact the Finance Manager at an early stage in the admissions process. Once the school is satisfied that a place would be offered, then a bursary application will be considered. All bursary applications are treated with the strictest confidence.

A bursary will be offered as a small percentage reduction in school fees and is calculated on a sliding scale based on the results of means testing of the family’s financial position; taking into account income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Bursaries are offered for one academic year at a time and, if re-applied for, are subject to annual means testing. The bursary funds available will vary year to year and the Board of Governors retain absolute discretion as to the number and amounts of awards made.

Hardship funds may be available to help families who already have a place at the school, but whose circumstances have changed significantly during their time here.

For further details on bursaries, please contact the Finance Manager.


Teesside High School offers a number of scholarships to recognise able and gifted students in both the Senior School and Sixth Form. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of written tests, auditions or trials and through interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

General academic excellence

Senior School

Pupils joining Teesside High School in Year 7, from either the Prep School or another primary school within our local community, are invited to participate in an active transition programme which promotes a seamless start to life in the Senior School. As part of this programme, pupils take part in a number of Transition Days. On the first of these days, in January of the preceding academic year, pupils sit a computerised assessment which allows us to judge their current level of learning. Selected pupils are then invited to apply for a scholarship following successful assessment.

The scholarship award entitles the successful applicant to a 10% fee discount per annum to Year 11.

Cleveland Scholarship for Girls and Queen Victoria Scholarship for Boys

Named after our predecessor schools which date back to the 1800s, the Cleveland Scholarship for Girls and Queen Victoria Scholarship for Boys are awarded on entry into Year 7 and recognise high levels of academic ability alongside excellence in one other area, such as music or sport.

The scholarship award entitles the successful applicant to a 15% fee discount per annum to Year 11.

Sixth Form

Teesside High School offers a Sixth Form Scholarship for general academic excellence. For Year 12 entry, it is expected that students will achieve predominantly 7-9 grades at GCSE and demonstrate outstanding ability in at least two subjects they choose to continue to A-level.

The scholarship award entitles the successful applicant to a 20% fee discount per annum throughout Years 12 and 13.

Governors’ Award for Academic Excellence

The Board of Governors at Teesside High School is committed to attracting students of considerable potential into our sixth form from schools within our local community. Applications are welcomed from students who have achieved outstanding grades at GCSE and will benefit from the high quality and rounded education so highly valued at Teesside High School.

As well as the prestige of being a Governors’ Scholar, the award of the scholarship entitles the holder to a fee discount which is in two parts. The first is a fixed discount, currently 10% fee discount per annum, and the second is the opportunity to apply for a means tested bursary. Subject to certain criteria, the Governors’ Award for Academic Excellence would normally last for the student’s full time in our Sixth Form.

Applicants must demonstrate a high level of academic ability and be expected to achieve Grade As and above at A-level.

Music Scholarships

We are proud of our achievements in music at Teesside High School and we believe that pupils showing exceptional musical skills should be suitably rewarded. The school boasts a fine musical tradition with a dedicated staff of well-qualified specialist musicians who offer teaching on a wide variety of instruments.

Senior School (Year 7 entry)

Awards are made on the basis of audition and interview. Candidates are required to play two pieces on their first instrument of Grade 2 standard or above, with the option to perform a further third piece on another instrument if appropriate. A sight-reading and a viva-voce based on the audition pieces will be included in a short interview where the candidates will also be asked how else they would contribute to the department as a Music Scholar.

Sixth Form

Awards are made on the basis of audition and interview for entry into Year 12. Candidates should have reached minimum Grade 6 standard on their first instrument. They will be required to play two instruments at audition, but due consideration will be given to candidates with outstanding ability on only one instrument.

The audition will consist of a performance on their chosen instruments/voice of two contrasting pieces, some sight-reading and a viva-voce based on their audition pieces followed by an interview which will allow candidates to demonstrate their musical knowledge and understanding of the pieces they have performed. Candidates are expected to have achieved Grade 5 Theory or a recognised accepted equivalent, such as GCSE Music.

The scholarship award entitles the successful applicant to ten music lessons per term on their first choice instrument.

Sports Scholarships

Teesside High School boasts a fine sporting tradition with pupils in recent years receiving District, County and National Sporting Representation. School teams compete in local District, County and Friendly Competitions each year. The following Sport Scholarships are available:

Senior School (Year 7 entry)

Candidates will be able to demonstrate a real potential in at least one of the major games covered at Teesside High School. They will provide a recommendation for contribution to Sport from their current school or club coach and demonstrate:

  • A positive sporting attitude
  • Qualities of leadership
  • Full commitment to sport within their current school or club.

Assessment will be through a variety of fitness and sporting skills tests. Pupils will also be involved in an informal interview during the assessment session.

The scholarship award entitles the successful applicant to a 10% fee discount per annum to Year 11.

Sixth Form

Applications are accepted from candidates who achieve three of the following five criteria:

  • Excel in one or more sporting activity (County standard or higher)
  • Have representation honours for at least two further activities (school standard or higher)
  • Can receive an outstanding reference from their current PE department
  • Hold a qualification as a coach/official
  • Aim to achieve grade 7-9 (or show the potential to achieve) in GCSE PE.

Assessment will be by means of interview and a presentation on the candidate’s sporting strengths.

The scholarship award entitles the successful applicant to a 20% fee discount per annum throughout Years 12 and 13.

Scholars are expected to attend Open Days and represent Teesside High School on other formal occasions and, as such, they should be prepared to act as ambassadors of the school both during the school day and externally. They are mentored by designated members of staff and their progress, as with all of our students, is closely monitored.

Interest in Teesside High School Scholarships is invited between September-December of each academic year with further communication, testing and interviews scheduled for January-February. For further details on Scholarships, please contact our Admissions team.

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