Pastoral Care

Teesside High School has an outstanding reputation for pastoral care and is known to be a friendly, caring community.

School should be a time of enormous fun and happiness and we believe that only when children are happy and confident will they be able to fulfil their potential in every sphere of school life.

We aim to ensure that every pupil feels safe, secure, understood and valued, and pupils are encouraged to be self-confident and considerate of the needs of others. All members of our school community, staff, parents and pupils themselves, have a role to play in maintaining the welcoming atmosphere which is rooted in our ethos.

At the heart of our pastoral care system is the child’s Form Teacher who sees his or her charges on a daily basis, gets to know them very well indeed and leads a weekly informal Form Period where the children are encouraged to discuss any issues or concerns, or merely to celebrate the achievements of the previous week. To complement this, our morning assemblies regularly cover pastoral issues and there is a comprehensive PHSE programme throughout the School, teaching our children about important issues such as friendships, online safety and mental health and well-being.

Upon joining Teesside High School, all pupils become members of one of three Houses: Cleveland, Victoria and Woodside. They remain members of these houses throughout their time in the Prep School, and retain their house when they enter the Senior School. House competitions give pupils the chance to mix with friends in other year groups, supporting each other through Choir or Public Speaking competitions, to name but a few.

We are proud to be a school which our parents call ‘nurturing, caring, friendly and welcoming’.

“The school’s arrangements for pastoral care are excellent and offer highly effective support and care to pupils of all ages.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

We have been awarded ‘Excellent’ by ISI!
We are delighted to have been awarded the highest grade during a recent inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.