Here at Teesside High we firmly believe that there is more to our student experience than their academic profile and achievements. We believe that our students need to be articulate and well-rounded individuals who can work well with others and communicate effectively.

Our extensive co-curricular programme means that there is always something on offer at lunchtimes and after school to suit all tastes. If sport is your thing then our clubs range from the traditional sports such as hockey, netball, cricket and rugby to trampolining, badminton, table tennis and golf. If you have a more artistic nature, perhaps our music ensembles have something to offer; orchestra, swing band, choir, or even the rock band.

Throw in Japanese club, chicken farming, GCSE Spanish, Ancient Greek, international film club, creative cookery, computer programming, science club and street dance and we are sure there is something for everyone.

We encourage all our pupils to try new experiences and welcome suggestions as to what else students would like to see going on in School.