Duke of Edinburgh


Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

At Teesside High School we run a successful and well subscribed to Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold levels starting in Year 10.  The expedition section of the award is run in association with Mountain Activity Company which gives us the peace of mind that our students are well prepared and safely managed by experts in the field for all of their training, practice and final expeditions.

The aims of the award are that it is:

  • Non-competitive
  • Achievable by all
  • Voluntary
  • Encouraging personal development
  • Personalised
  • Balanced (Body, Mind and Soul)
  • Progressive
  • Achievement Focussed
  • Demanding Commitment
  • Enjoyable.

We believe there are a plethora of benefits to being involved in the award scheme including our students being able to challenge themselves, get out of their comfort zone and achieve things they never thought they could.  It helps to develop fitness, new skills and to interact with new people.  It explores potentials and qualities such as independence, leadership, teamwork, resilience and co-operation.  All skills viewed very favourably by universities and employers alike.

What is required?  All candidates must complete activities in four categories, a new skill, volunteering, physical activity and an expedition.  At Teesside High our expeditions are on foot and if students follow the full scheme through the levels of awards they will be very competent at navigating three fantastically beautiful areas; Bronze (South Cleveland Hills and North Yorkshire), Silver (Yorkshire Dales), Gold (Lake District).  For the Gold Award all candidates must also complete a residential.

Our scheme runs throughout the year with all meetings on scheduled Friday evenings (Bronze 10, Silver & Gold 5).  Practices and expeditions happen at weekends and in holidays.  Students will need to be well motivated to collect evidence independently and complete the award.

The Skills/Voluntary/Physical sections are overseen and supported by Miss Stephens.

The scheme costs in the region of £360-£500 for the year dependent on the level and direct entries are slightly more expensive; this covers tuition, kit, campsite fees, transport, supervision, registration and license fee.

For more information contact Miss Stephens on nstephens@teessidehigh.co.uk