Educational Visits


Educational trips at home or abroad are an integral part of the pupil’s experience at Teesside High and they add depth and relevance to the curriculum. The skills that are developed during overnight, residential and longer stay visits are some of the most important skills for any young person to acquire; team work, compromise, learning to get on with people who you don’t usually spend time with are all vital in the world of work. Add to this the lasting memories and friendships that can start on such trips.

Our Geographers regularly visit Iceland and its unique landscape whilst the linguists visit Germany and France to put their talents to good use whilst immersing themselves in the culture of the area.

The School also runs an annual Skiing trip as well recent sporting tours to Barbados and St Lucia.

Not all visits involve quite so much travel or expense; some of our most successful visits involve visiting local areas and putting what has been learnt in the classroom to good use.  We regularly visit Edinburgh, London, Newcastle and Leeds in a range of cross curricular experiences. The English department frequently visit Sunderland and Newcastle theatres for a range of contemporary and classical performances.