Careers Convention – Wednesday 31 January

Thursday 04 January 2024 | By Megan Connor

We are delighted to invite pupils in Years 9-12 to our annual Careers Convention which will take place on Wednesday 31 January, 6.00pm-8.00pm.

Now in its 18th year, Teesside High School’s Careers Convention is an informative event which attracts over 40 universities, training providers and local businesses in order to provide up-to-date careers advice and guidance to our students. Students in Year 9 and above all have important decisions to make about their future and this event will give you and your son/daughter the opportunity to research into the myriad of opportunities that are available.

We do hope that you will come to meet the professionals and academics who will be here to provide information on different careers, apprenticeships and courses. We will have representatives from a wide range of sectors and organisations, including:

  • Accountancy, banking and financial services
  • Medicine, dentistry and midwifery
  • Film, media, animation and drama
  • Law
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Teaching
  • Psychology and counselling
  • The armed forces, police and fire brigade.

Mr Hannah, Head of THS Sixth Form, will also be available to discuss A-level options and the UCAS process, and we will also have representation from local and national Apprenticeship providers.

For those students in Year 9, this will be the first opportunity to gather information about a broad range  of careers which should help to further inform the basis of option choices for GCSE. For students in Years 10 and 11, this is an opportunity to both develop their thoughts on future careers and to start to think about options for post-16 study. Year 12 students should use this event to prepare for the UCAS applications that they will be making in Year 13 or explore apprenticeship and gap year opportunities. University Admissions Officers will be on hand to offer advice on the background of different universities and the range of courses available.

We live in an increasingly competitive world and to further their prospects and chances of success, students need to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. Networking and gathering contacts amongst the delegates at the Careers Convention, many of whom are new for 2024, will enable our pupils to broaden their knowledge, secure work experience placements, help gain entry to university or secure higher and advanced level apprenticeships.

This event is open to both pupils at THS and at schools within our local community. If you attend a different school and wish to come along, please register via