Edinburgh Trip 2022

Monday 06 June 2022 | By Megan Connor

Before half term our Year 5 and 6 pupils headed north for a four day residential trip to Edinburgh!

Our trip commenced with a visit to the National Museum of Scotland, where the children were able to explore a range of exhibits. We particularly took note of the space exhibition as this supports our curriculum learning, and the children enjoyed looking at the animals that were on display. Following a trip to Nando’s to refuel, the children enjoyed a Harry Potter tour around Edinburgh’s old town, learning about some of the places that inspired J.K. Rowling when she wrote her books.

On day two, following a lovely walk through a local park, we arrived at Dynamic Earth. Our visit started with a space workshop which saw the children complete a carousel of activities. Some of which included considering the importance of communication, a tour around the inside of the International Space Station and identifying space junk that orbits the Earth. Following the workshop, we visited their state of the art planetarium to learn more about the planets and their moons. We also learnt how rovers and satellites have captured footage of the gas giants.

Following our visit to Dynamic Earth, we headed up to explore Edinburgh Castle as well as taking in some of the spectacular views from the top. After a trip to Byron Burger, the children entered into some competitive games at Lane 7 bowling alley. The children were definitely ready for bed that evening having walked 11km around the city!

Day three took us to Edinburgh Zoo which was an eagerly anticipated part of our trip. The children were able to see all of the animals and learn more about their diets and habitats. The giant pandas were a particular favourite part of the day! In the evening, the children enjoyed a meal at Pizza Express before heading to the cinema.

Our final day took us to Camera Obscura where the children were mesmerised by the range of optical illusions. They had lots of fun exploring all of the practical activities and the vortex and mirror maze at the end were somewhat of a highlight. After a quick lunch, we headed back to school, exhausted but having enjoyed an action packed few days away. Here are some of the children’s comments about the trip:

“I really enjoyed the planetarium at Dynamic Earth because I was able to see how big the gas giants and the other planets in our solar system are.” – Flo

“I liked Camera Obscura because we were able to see all the cool illusions and use the cameras to look at the city to see what was happening. I also liked the zoo because we saw red pandas and a cute sleeping giant panda!” – Grayson

Mrs Kennedy