Forest School at Teesside High School

Wednesday 02 October 2019 | By Samantha Hockney

Forest School is not just an excuse for us all to have fun outdoors (although we do!). Forest School uses the outside environment to allow children to learn and grow as individuals.

Our sessions promote positive self-esteem, an increased sense of motivation, a sense of purpose and an understanding and affinity with the school’s beautiful surroundings.

There is much evidence to show how regular outdoor education experiences can have dramatic and profound influences on child development. Statistics show that children of all abilities make better progress when their work from the outdoors is brought back into the conventional classroom.

In this respect, Forest School fits perfectly with Teesside High School’s drive to maintain high academic standards, develop the ‘whole’ child and engender in our children a love and respect for the environment in which they live.

By taking part in Forest School regularly during their time at Teesside High School, we believe our children will not only achieve and exceed their personal potential, but also develop more strongly as individuals and have emotional and physical tools which will help them grow into successful, resourceful and autonomous adults.

Children learn to take risks and learn to succeed with small, achievable tasks. They learn to manage their own risk levels to achieve personal safety, under the guidance of the Forest School Leader.

From an early age, our children learn to use and care for a range of tools, as well as rope techniques. The freedom of the ‘forest’ allows the children the opportunity to experience remoteness and a realistic experience in which they are able to practise their skills and further develop their understanding of a woodland environment.

Unlike other forms of outdoor education which generally concentrate on team-building, challenging activities or competitiveness, the Forest School embraces an entirely different approach through the nurturing, support and development of the self-esteem of participants.

You can find out more about our wonderful woodland here.

Mrs J McCullagh, Forest School Leader at Teesside High School