Georgia’s World Jamboree

Tuesday 16 July 2019 | By Samantha Hockney

Georgia in Year 10 will later this week travel to the USA and Canada to represent the UK Scout contingent for the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

Over 45,000 young people from 200 nations and territories attend the Jamboree for a truly life changing experience. The travelling Scouts will take part in a global learning initiative which will allow them to discuss new ideas and experiences and explore pertinent topics and issues which affect people across the world. They will also work together to contribute to a huge global community project entitled “Unlock a New World”.

Georgia said: “Attending as part of the UK contingent, I hope the Jamboree will impact positively not only in my Scouting but also in my local community. I have already given talks in local schools on my World Jamboree journey, encouraging other young children to enjoy all of the benefits Scouting has to offer. When I come back, I hope to follow this up with presentations on what we achieved in the USA and hopefully encourage them to follow in our footsteps.”

As part of her preparation, Georgia has raised almost £4000 to fund her trip, some of which goes towards helping children from poorer countries attend.

“As part of my fundraising, I cleaned cars, sold homemade cards, completed a sponsored bungee jump off the Transporter Bridge and braved a Boxing Day dip! I do not want any child to be disadvantaged, and motivating young people to work with me and work towards shared goals is something I am very passionate about. I constantly work as an Explorer so that all young people feel integrated and part of a bigger picture, so they feel able to have opportunities to resolve local and global issues.

“I will soon set off in my two man tent to spend time in New York, West Virginia, Washington and Whitby in Canada. I am beyond excited.”