House Activity Programme at THS

Tuesday 02 April 2024 | By Megan Connor

The House system here at Teesside High offers a myriad of opportunities for students to engage in varied activities, compete against one another and develop an array of skills.

There are several sporting opportunities, alongside problem-solving tasks and creative arts competitions. The opportunities continue to grow every year and we are always impressed at how our students show commitment, bravery and a sense of healthy competition when taking part.

Sport is always fiercely contested and this year is again gearing up to be another closely-fought competition. Students have already competed in hockey, rugby and netball at both a Junior and Senior level. The summer term will see students compete in rounders and come together for Sports Day, which always takes centre stage at the end of term!

December saw yet another impressive House Choir competition where Queen, The Darkness and Survivor all made an appearance in the Main Hall. We are sure the original artists would have been impressed with our students’ quality vocals and entertaining dance moves!

The spring term saw Mrs Reid’s chickens preparing for the latest competition to join the House calendar: the egg drop challenge. Students had to work together to produce a vessel for their egg to be dropped from a height and survive the fall. It was wonderful to see all year groups working together, using their imaginations and engineering skills. It was ‘cracking’ fun!

World Book Day provided a great opportunity for an inter-House quiz with a large number of subjects hosting rounds linked to books for students to engage with. From guessing the city famous texts were describing, to seeing how many sit ups you could do while Ms Duffy read from famous sporting autobiographies, it really reminded our students of how books are part of every subject.

Currently House Photography is well underway and a good number of entries have been sent in already. The theme voted by our cohort this year is ‘animals’. The deadline for this competition is on Friday 19 April and all entries receive one merit to be added to their House totals. The winner of this competition will see their photograph selected to be on the cover of staff planners along with 10 merits – so do send your photographs in. Good luck!

The summer term will also see the return of the House Drama competition; we look forward to seeing what our thespians have in store for us this year. There truly is everything to play for and we will hopefully see many more students put their best foot forward and show real courage and determination for their House.

Mrs Reid, Mr Thomas and Mr Williamson – Heads of House for Woodside, Victoria and Cleveland