Incredible opportunity for THS pupils to experience World Challenge

Tuesday 25 April 2023 | By Samantha Hockney

This World Challenge post is for the attention of parents of children in Years 912.

We are beyond excited to invite you to learn more about our school partnership with World Challenge. This partnership will give our students in Years 9-12 the opportunity to visit Norway in July 2024 for an amazing ten-night expedition.

We always aim to provide large-scale adventurous travel opportunities for our children, but, of course, when planning such trips, numbers are vital. As a small school, it is often difficult to make such excursions viable.

World Challenge is an experienced, international adventure travel provider, offering students unrivalled travel opportunities which support their classroom learning. The Norway expedition is a life-changing opportunity for students to explore a unique destination with expert guides, while developing their life skills, confidence and independence. How students themselves can help fund the experience is also a part of what makes World Challenge special.

There is so much to share about this incredible expedition – and we appreciate lots of you will want to know more! The first step is to watch a presentation online; World Challenge will be hosting a 20-minute Zoom call on Thursday 27 April at 6.30pm.

I want to stress that it is no obligation at this stage. Simply come along (virtually!) and ask any questions, or just listen in. The meeting is for both students and parents.

To watch the presentation, please register here.

Further initial details can be found at a designated trip webpage, which also includes a provisional itinerary, travel dates, booking terms and cost (as mentioned above, examples of how past students have earned this themselves will be covered in the talk).

This could be the start of a great adventure for your child. We hope you enjoy the chance to find out more.