Prep children meet Judy Murray

Thursday 25 April 2019 | By Samantha Hockney

A group of Prep children spent a day of their Easter holiday developing their tennis skills under the watchful eye of Judy Murray at a special event organised by Tennis World, Middlesbrough, on Wednesday 24 April.

Children from Years 1 and 2 were tasked with taking on a series of sporting challenges which aimed to improve their basic tennis skills, including coordination, balance, footwork and court sense, before building to harder games which introduced them to striking the ball with a racquet, using a variety of techniques.

Judy Murray is an outstanding British tennis coach, best known for being mother of professional tennis players and multiple title winners Jamie and Andy Murray.

Judy joined the children in a number of their activities, giving them advice on improving their skills and, most of all, demonstrating just how fun tennis lessons can be.

The children most enjoyed their day and were praised by Tennis World staff for their exemplary behaviour.

We are super grateful to the event organisers and to Tennis World for hosting this brilliant event.