Year 12 students share their views

Thursday 28 September 2023 | By Megan Connor

We are one month into an action-packed autumn term and it seemed a good time to catch up with our new Year 12 cohort, who began their lives as Sixth Form students just four weeks ago. Dylan, Emmeline and Henry all progressed from Year 11 at THS to THS Sixth Form, and they shared their views on life at the top of the school…

Dylan said: “Being a Sixth Form student at THS is great, I’m really enjoying it. 

“The level of independence we have is fantastic – we are not constrained, we have lots of freedom around our studies and we are trusted to make use of our spare time wisely.”

Dylan studies four A-level subjects; Art, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

“The lessons are less of a student-teacher dynamic, which is often the case in Senior School, and more conversational and discussion-based. The course content is engaging, and really challenges my intellectual curiosity. I feel like I can ask questions beyond the curriculum without disrupting the lesson for the wider group – we’re all keen to understand what we are being taught and expand upon this further.”

“There is a difference between support and independence. As a sixth form student, you are almost guaranteed independence anywhere, but it is almost impossible for any other sixth form to match the support offered at THS, purely due to our very small and comfortable year groups sizes. Here, we are a community and the school is filled with such intrinsic warmth and cosiness.”

Dylan, Emmeline and Henry achieved an impressive combined total of 27 7-9 grades in their GCSEs! They are now enjoying their time in the Sixth Form.

Emmeline, who chose to study Latin, Mathematics and Physics at A-level, said: “We are supported but not spoon fed. It increasingly feels like we are not being taught to pass exams, but to challenge ourselves and really explore what we are learning.

“I thought the workload in Year 12 would be a huge step from Year 11 but I’ve found it manageable and not as intense as I was expecting. Free periods are really good to sit and go through your notes and make sure you are on top of your studies, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

“There’s always co-curricular time to really allow you a break from your studies, too.”

Henry originally chose to study at another sixth form college, but returned to THS last week to study Drama, English, History and Physics.

“The support from teachers here is unparalleled, and I know that from my own experience. In lots of colleges you have to simply support yourself, and you might not know where to go for advice or guidance. Here, you get the perfect balance. You can work on your own, collaborate in small groups, speak to your teacher outside of lessons for further challenge or assistance. The small classes mean it’s easier to ask questions, without interrupting the flow of the lesson for everyone else.

“It doesn’t feel like I ever left!”

Year 11 pupils and those at schools in our local community are warmly invited to our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 12 October from 6.00pm.