Year 6 pupils triumph at Global Young Journalist Awards

Tuesday 23 May 2023 | By Megan Connor

Two of our fantastic Year 6 pupils have claimed prizes in an international youth journalism competition.

Rahul has been named Climate Journalist of the Year in the Global Young Journalist Awards, whilst Abigail has been named Runner Up in the competition’s Technology category.

The Global Young Journalist Awards receives entries from children across six continents around the world.


Rahul won the top award in his 11-18 age category, despite being one of the youngest entrants. His video report entry explored the effects of sargassum seaweed on communities in Barbados – his mother’s home country.

Rahul’s remarkable journey to learning about the effects of climate change in Barbados began in India, where Rahul grew up with his family before meeting his adopted mother and father in 2017. Having recently moved to the UK and started school, Rahul was given the opportunity to share his new-found interest with the world.

Ms Ashby, Rahul’s mother, said: “Through reading the news and following experiences at school, Rahul was able to understand the impact of climate change and could now relate it to the flood and drought issues in rice fields in India. He had his first holiday when travelling to Barbados in March, where he saw the real impact of climate change first hand.

“The simple fact that he could not go to that beach drove his ambition and determination to record a piece on the seaweed in the water.”

Mr Griffiths, Year 6 teacher and Deputy Head (Prep), said: “Rahul’s video was one of the most impressive pieces of reporting I have seen in my time as a teacher. Having joined our school just seven months ago, Rahul has made a wonderful impression and is truly making the most of the opportunities and experiences on offer to him.”

Rahul said: “I am so proud to have won this award for my video.

“Learning my lines was not easy and filming it was quite daunting but I am so pleased that my hard work has paid off.”

Watch Rahul’s video entry here.


Abigail was named Runner Up (aged 10 and under), following her written submission on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI).

Abigail used her theme ‘Who knows what the future holds for AI?’ to discuss the pros and cons to the revolutionary technology, arguing that AI has great potential so long as it is not used for the wrong reasons.

Abigail said: “English is my favourite subject and AI is a topic which really interests me. I like learning about its impact on the world.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up but I hope to have time to continue writing.”

Both Abigail and Rahul are invited to attend a virtual awards ceremony on Thursday 15 June to receive their prizes.

We are so proud of you both!

Find out more information about the awards here.