Outdoor and Adventurous Opportunities

When the going gets tough ... the tough start growing!

We believe the opportunity to engage in adventurous activity in the outdoors is fundamental to developing our young people in every way imaginable.

Improving quality of life through better health, fitness and movement skills is the most basic of expectations from this type of activity, but it runs so much deeper. Building trust in their peers and confidence in themselves through collaboration in activities which promote physical and mental challenge in a range of environments, these activities demand perseverance and determination, problem solving and decision making as well as independence and self reliance, all of which builds resilience through both day-long and residential experiences.

Along with personal growth, our outdoor and adventurous programme encourage a social awareness and responsibility for our environment. We believe in growing global citizens who are aware of the need for sustainability in the use of our natural resources. Spending time in stunning landscapes both in this country and further afield enriches this awareness, broadening horizons and influencing our young people way beyond the years they spend with us.

Find out more about our upcoming opportunities below.