Gillian Hardy

School Councillor

Life before Teesside High School

Hello and thank you for your interest in my profile.

My background is within the NHS and Education. I worked as a registered nurse and sister in several specialist areas during my career. In my role as a School Nursing Sister, working in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges in Stockton and Middlesbrough, led me into a change of career by studying adult/family, and then child and adolescent psychotherapeutic counselling. Although I enjoyed school nursing, I felt compromised due to the lack of time available to provide emotional support, both with the child and the family. My lack of expertise in this vitally important field provided a focus to commit to several years of intense training. But it was also due to my belief in the importance of providing a positive outcome  for the many emotionally  compromised children and young people I meet. I am privileged to support and help mend our future generations.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy many parts of my job, but the most rewarding part is when I watch a child begin to feel a change in their self esteem and resilience. This is what makes every day worthwhile, and I remind myself how grateful I am to be part of a positive change in this young person’s life.

What do you enjoy most about Teesside High School?

The consistency of care and problem solving for each student within the school is refreshing and admirable. I feel THS provides a whole school approach towards positive well-being outcomes for every student, something often lacking in other schools/colleges I have experienced. I believe consistent, emotional well-being support provided in any school/college is essential, learning and outcomes are compromised if this is not provided. It is a pleasure to be part of a warm and caring learning environment.

What is your favourite time of the year? 

I don’t have a favourite time in any school. I find my happiness is whenever I work with a student from Nursery to Sixth Form overcome issues that have prevented their happiness and harmony in school/life and brings them joy and peace. The relief I see from their parent/carer when issues are supported and/or resolved, is also a wonderful outcome.

What do others say about you?

I don’t know what others say about me, but I hope they feel I am: approachable, will listen and hear you, trusting, available and thoughtful.

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