Helen Walton

Life before Teesside High School?

Following my Chemistry degree from the University of Warwick, I trained as a teacher and moved to work in the North East.  I have worked in two sixth form colleges, one maintained school and one other independent school in the Teesside area, for a total of 18 years before joining Teesside High School; 11 of those years as Head of Chemistry.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

I love Chemistry because it is a very logical subject, dealing in facts and theories which (most of the time) leave little room for different interpretations.  Teaching Chemistry also gives me the opportunity to perform some fun demonstrations with flashes, bangs and fire!

What do you enjoy most about Teesside High School?

The thing that sets this school apart from any other I have worked in is the sense of community.  Staff and students alike support each other, and are proud of each other’s achievements. With our intake having a wider range of academic background than some other independent schools, I find our students develop to be highly considerate and inclusive in their outlook.

What is your favourite lesson?

It is hard to choose one favourite lesson.  Practical lessons that enable students to see in practice the theories we have studied are always enjoyable.  I also enjoy the sense of achievement shown by Year 8 pupils when they start to use symbols to work out chemical formulae and balance equations for the first time.

What do others say about you?

Since I arrived at THS, I have invested in the practical equipment in the department, redesigned the storage of equipment and chemicals, as well as updating the schemes of work for Years 7-9.  Some comments from students so far have complimented me on my organisation and my ability to remain calm and positive.

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