Louisa Reid


Life before Teesside High School
After growing up in sunny Essex I had always wanted to live and work in the ‘big smoke’ and I was fortunate to begin my teaching career at a small girls school in the city. Having met, and later married, a northerner a move to more chilly climates was inevitable and my next teaching post was in a local independent school. My husband’s career then gave us the opportunity to experience life and work abroad in Doha city in Qatar. I taught in a large British school, an incredibly enriching and interesting experience.  Five years later we decided it was time to return to the UK, having had two children whilst living abroad we now really missed the support, and babysitting services, our families could provide.
What do you enjoy most about your subject?
I’m afraid I must be terribly unoriginal and say analysing literature. I love reading, I wouldn’t be an English teacher if I didn’t, but what I really love is considering the effect of the things we read on us and the skill and craft of those that create them.
What do you enjoy most about Teesside High School?
Teesside High School is a community. The fact that I know the students and they know me makes the environment both nurturing and friendly. My students are positive about their learning and have a sense of humour; I have never had a day here when I haven’t laughed at some point. I feel supported by my colleagues; we share good practice and cake, the two key things for a harmonious teaching environment!
What is your favourite lesson?
I am afraid I can’t give one particular lesson; every year different students make for different highlights. However, my favourite lessons are always the ones that have a ‘buzz’ about them; the ones where you know that students have all ‘got it’ and enjoy applying their knowledge with confidence.
What do others say about you?
I would like to think that others only say nice things about me! I would say that I am supportive and am very much a team player. However, I do have a niggling feeling that the word sarcastic could be mentioned?

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