Rebecca Kirk


Life before Teesside High School

I was brought up in the south of England, in Southampton and Dorset.  I then moved north to university in Edinburgh and then Newcastle where I studied Marine Biology and Environmental Science.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

Everything, from the incomprehensible genetic control of our cells and our entire being, the workings of the human body, how ecosystems interact and what we can do to live a more balanced lifestyle.  Of course I love to learn about weird and wonderful habitats and organisms.  I love the fact that everything is relevant to everyday life.

What do you enjoy most about Teesside High School?

The students, the staff and the parents, everyone is so supportive.  I learn so much, laugh a lot and genuinely enjoy my working day.

What is your favourite lesson?

Anything outside.  We have stunning school grounds which do so much to enhance the learning we do in the classroom.

Summer Fair – Saturday 15 June
Join us to celebrate 125 years of the Former Students’ Association, with live music, raffles, funfair stalls and inflatables, delicious food and drink and much more.