Abbie Smith

Head Girl

How long have you been at Teesside High School?
I joined Teesside High School in February 2007 and have been here since Nursery!

What has been the highlight of your time at Teesside High School?
I would say that the highlight of my time at Teesside High School has been not only the friends I have made, but experiencing the teachers’ passion for their subjects and their willingness to always help students.

Which subjects are you studying?
I am studying French, German and English Literature at A-Level.

What are your aspirations beyond Teesside High School?
I hope to study French and German at university. It is my dream to pursue a career that involves languages and travelling, such as a diplomat.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love doing karate and skateboarding in my free time. I also really enjoy reading and learning languages.

What are you going to bring to your role?
The most important thing for me is to be an advocate for the ideas and voices of the students, because I believe that everyone can provide a different perspective. I would like to be someone who students feel they can come and talk to about their opinions, who will then put their thoughts forward.

We have been awarded ‘Excellent’ by ISI!
We are delighted to have been awarded the highest grade during a recent inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.