Dylan Shehade

Games Captain

How long have you been at Teesside High School?

I joined Teesside High School in Year 7, as a very enthusiastic individual. I do not believe that much has changed, and I’m still very much enjoying my time at school.

What has been the highlight of your time at Teesside High School?

Teesside High School is small, and I love it. If I had been to another, larger school, I really feel like I would have missed out on a lot of opportunities. Here, it is not often an issue that too many students want to do something to the point most are left out. Because of this relatively low competitiveness, I have been able to involve myself in everything I have wanted to. This has led to me trying new things and improving much faster than I would without all these experiences.

I have been on every sporting team, joined most sporting clubs and attended all training sessions. This is not the case just for sport, but in every single department. I have been able to participate in anything offered to me and have become a very well rounded person, something I cannot thank Teesside High School enough for. 

Which subjects are you studying?

I am studying A-level Art, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology, alongside an AS-level EPQ on how Quantum Physics indicates life is a simulation.

What are your aspirations beyond Teesside High School?

I am planning to have a gap year. During this time, I hope to do some instructing for snowboarding and surfing. After this, I am hoping to go to Sheffield University to study their landscaping architectural dual degree, so I can pursue a career in architecture.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I do lots of sports outside of school. The play hockey for the Stokesley Men’s Hockey team.  We are doing very well this season, with twice the number of points as the team in third. Less regularly, I do rock climbing and surfing, these are the sports I am the most passionate about and have been involved in from a very young age. I love extreme sports, my ultimate favourite being snowboarding; I love the freedom and creativity it offers, as well as the raw danger that comes from hurtling down mountains at high speeds!

What are you going to bring to your role?

I want to bring more sporting fixtures (and maybe increased training sessions and sporting enrichment) to the Sixth Form. More generally, I would like to ensure that everybody in the school has the opportunity to participate in a sport they love. I am very fortunate to have such a broad interest in sports, so there have been lots of opportunities for me, I’d like to make sure that everyone can feel this way, whatever their interests.