Satvik Chhabra

Head Boy

How long have you been at Teesside High School?
I joined Teesside High School in 2019 when I was in Year 9.

What has been the highlight of your time at Teesside High School?
My highlight of my time at Teesside High School is the House events we take part in such as the House Choir Competition, House Cross Country, and everyone’s favourite day of the year, Sports Day!

Which subjects are you studying?
I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Mathematics. I am also doing an EPQ.

What are your aspirations beyond Teesside High School?
My dream is to pursue Dentistry at university and become a Dentist. Although I have been told that looking at teeth for the rest of my life would be extremely dreary, I believe that it is an occupation in which you learn something new every single day and it is something I would look forward to!

What are your hobbies and interests?
I enjoy music quite a lot. I am currently a Grade 8 drummer and in my free time I love to do drum covers of different songs and genres and post them on my TikTok page. I would say my favourite genre to perform drum covers to is Bollywood or alternative rock.

I also enjoy sport. I play Cricket at club level for Yarm CC and it is something which helps build up my team-working skills.

What are you going to bring to your role?
As Head Boy of Teesside High School, I would love for students to be as open as possible about their ideas and suggestions as to what they would like to see introduced.