The Thinking Curriculum

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We believe THS to be a forward thinking school that prepares children well for life through The Thinking Curriculum.

From Year 1 upwards, pupils are engaged in our innovative ‘Thinking Curriculum’. We believe that education should go beyond the traditional boundaries of subject knowledge and rote learning and the Thinking Curriculum aims to deliver this by developing pupils’ thinking skills.  We aim to empower our students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners. The programme cultivates creativity, logical reasoning and analytical skills.  Pupils then apply these developed skills across the broader curriculum. 

We aim to develop creativity by encouraging pupils to think outside of the box, explore diverse perspectives and express their ideas confidently within groups and individually. We want pupils to develop a strong sense of individuality and originality, essential for personal growth and future success. In addition, through a variety of carefully designed tasks, pupils will learn to analyse complex situations, identify patterns and evaluate evidence. These skills will enhance academic performance and equip pupils with the tools needed to navigate real-life challenges effectively.

Our Thinking Curriculum plays a pivotal role in enabling us to nurture well-rounded individuals who are adaptable, resilient and capable of thriving in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. In the Senior School, all students engage with The Thinking Curriculum for an hour each fortnight in extended Form Time, led by their tutors. The programme is led by our Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning, Mr Meyerhoff.

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