Aims and Ethos

Teesside High School is an intentionally small community with traditional values. Alongside our excellent reputation and record of high achievement, these are the main reasons parents choose to join our School. We provide a caring, friendly and dynamic environment in which each individual is valued and nurtured. Whilst the School has a Christian ethos, our community contains pupils from a range of religious and non-religious backgrounds. Our whole-School assemblies reflect on moral and spiritual issues relevant to all young people as we seek to share values of tolerance and understanding of the world around us.  The culture of the School reflects these differences, whilst celebrating our similarities.

Everything that we do is shaped by our aims:

  • To provide an environment in which students achieve their full academic and personal potential in all areas of development, and become a caring, confident, self-disciplined and well-balanced adult.
  • To nurture a sense of intellectual curiosity and to value creativity in all aspects of school life.
  • To help each individual to develop a firmly rooted sense of justice and morality.
  • To encourage each individual to develop self esteem and to respect the rights, opinions and property of others irrespective of age, sex or religion.