We are proud of the fact that we provide our own catering and have done so since 2010.

Teesside High School’s philosophy is based on a fresh food approach and a high level of service both to our staff and the pupils.  We aim to provide all with “a food standard that can’t be bettered”, and we do this by providing modern food styles cooked using traditional methods to produce healthy food, from scratch.

Special diets are a very important part of our catering provision, whether it is for religious beliefs, allergies or intolerances. We encourage a joint approach between the school, child, and parent.  Once a suitable menu is agreed dietary needs are recorded and our team are trained to ensure compliance.

If you would like to discuss your child’s dietary needs then you can do so by talking to the schools Assistant Head Teacher (Pastoral). Please bring it to the School's attention and the necessary arrangements can be made.

A bit about us:

  • Our food is cooked on site by professionally trained chefs, and with the exception of some unavoidable products such as ice cream, frozen peas and sweetcorn, all of our menus feature fresh ingredients.
  • Our menus operate on a seasonal three week menu cycle and they are planned specifically so that we can accommodate the age range of our student body and local preferences. We are always open to suggestions so if you or your children have a particular favourite you would like us to produce please do get in touch!
  • There is always a choice and pupils are encouraged to take as much salad, bread, potatoes and vegetables as they need to satisfy their appetites. Chilled water is available throughout service.
  • We work very closely with nutritional software to ensure the choices that we offer, and methods of cooking combine to offer healthy nutritious options. Examples of this include:
    • We do not offer fried foods at all.
    • Allergens are listed on all food options provided.
    • Wholemeal bread is available throughout every service.
    • No more than 10% of our composite salads contain fat/oil based dressings.
    • Fresh chopped fruit is available every day.
  • Our nutritionists analyse and approve every ingredient. For example no artificial sweeteners and trans–fats are used. Additives are monitored in line with the Children’s Hyperactive Support Group.
  • We have a fully traceable supply chain and therefore only authorise suppliers who have met the highest sourcing and procurement standards.
  • We use a combination of local and national suppliers and all their produce arrives at the school in one vehicle – which reduces our carbon footprint and gives smaller suppliers and producer’s access to our business.

Out of school, clubs help the school to offer wraparound childcare if there is sufficient demand, from 8.00am to 6.00pm. Included in this offer are after-school clubs, breakfast clubs and holiday clubs, which are designed to help parents balance work and family commitments whilst providing children with study support and a broad range of extra-curricular experiences and activities.

Parents and students can view our catering menus in advance.