Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) is an important and necessary part of all students’ education at Teesside High School.  In Years 7-9 and Years 12-13, all pupils receive one hour of PSHE per week with a dedicated teacher. In Years 10-11, pupils access 30 minutes per week of PSHE. In these lessons a broad range of topics are covered from four key areas: Citizenship, Environment, Health and Economic Well-Being. All topics are age specific and work is built on as pupils develop in maturity.

At our recent ISI Inspection (October 2014), our PSHE programme was commended as exemplary.

Pupils are assessed in their understanding of the topics covered by their teachers in a range of ways including quizzes, debate, discussion, project work, written work and activities.

Throughout all aspects of School we pride ourselves on a comprehensive and thorough Pastoral programme. As part of this provision we provide ‘Pastoral days’ which mean we collapse the School timetable for the day for students to bring to life and further explore some of the topics delivered in PSHE lessons.

Citizenship Environment Health Economic well-being
Year 7   


Managing friendships


Study skills


Resources, waste and recycling
The British Government
Healthy lifestyles

Exercise and healthy eating

Smoking, alcohol and drug awareness

Pocket money

Fair trade

Year 8  


Bullying and discrimination

Self-esteem and confidence


World issues

The local environment

Alcohol and drug awareness

Body image and good role models

Emergency first aid

World economics

Local labour market

Year 9  

Careers and employability

Racism, prejudice and discrimination

Life experiences


Travelling the world Sex and relationships Personal finance

Understanding parliament

Year 10  

The significance of media on society


Independent learning


The law of the land

Crime and punishment

Looking after yourself

Risky behaviour

Managing stress

Parliament, laws and how they work

Managing money

Year 11  

Health awareness

Planning to revise

Life beyond the Senior School


Human rights Managing your health around exams Relations with the world

What is economy?