What to do at a school Open Day

Wednesday 04 September 2019 | By Samantha Hockney

It’s that time of year again! Your local school has invited you to visit and find out more through an Open Day. But how do you get the most out of the event, and ultimately decide which is the best school for your child?

Be ‘Open Day’ prepared

Think carefully before you attend an Open Day about the questions you want to ask. What is it you really value in a school? How will that particular school allow your child to thrive and succeed, academically, pastorally and socially? Speak to the school’s Senior Team and enquire about the school’s ethos. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Talk to parents and students

The best way to find out what a school is really like is to talk to current parents about their honest experiences. We think members of our school community are our best advocates; they will be able to share their honest experiences, and tell you more about our excellent results, co-curricular activities, outdoor education provision and work in the community, to name but a few.

Listen to the Head

Meet the leader at the top of the organisation. The Head’s speech will help you identify the school’s aims – is the school solely focused on academic achievement? Does the school offer a more holistic approach?

At Teesside High, we are proud to be non-academically selective and find that our inclusive nature creates a unique atmosphere, in which children of all abilities are inspired to achieve great things. We are committed to developing well-rounded and resilient young people who excel in their studies, but in a wide range of other areas, too.

Get to know the teachers and staff

The person who stands in front of your child and inspires them to want to learn and achieve is one of the most important people to meet on Open Day. You want teachers to take an interest in your child, to express warmth and understanding as well as an air of authority. Check their values match yours; do you want your children to be taught to pass a test, or be inspired beyond the boundaries of any curriculum?

Our students are taught to be inquisitive and curious, to ask questions about what they are learning and read further in their own time. This approach has led our students to great success for almost fifty years.

Arrange a tour for a normal school day

Every school should look its best on Open Day, but it’s important to see every school on a ‘normal’ school day. We cannot predict what will happen in school each day – and this is why we invite so many parents to see behind the scenes, when school is buzzing with children, hurrying to and from lessons and activities. We want you to see our polite, well-mannered pupils who are confident when talking to guests about their experience at THS. One of our biggest selling points is our atmosphere, and friendly, welcoming environment; we appreciate it is important for you to see this in action.

Visit Teesside High School’s Open Day on Saturday 28 September, 9.30am-12.30pm.