Health and Social Care

A Level Curriculum

A Level Health and Social Care covers areas which are essential to Health and Social Care such as:

• Rights and responsibilities
• Service provision
• Understanding human behaviour.

This course gives students a greater awareness of current issues and prepares them for higher education or the world of work; opening up career opportunities in areas such as childcare, nursing, mental health and counselling.

The A-level is assessed through a combination of both portfolio work and external examinations. The details of the unit content can be found below:

AS Portfolio unit
This unit introduces you to the communication skills used in health, social care, children and young people and community justice sectors. Examples of suitable care settings could include hospitals, nursing homes, elderly residential homes, children’s homes, primary schools, nurseries, prisons, remand centres, detainee centres. It also introduces some of the factors which are required for a good quality of life and some of the skills and techniques practitioners can use in order to treat people well. The assessment for this unit is a portfolio of evidence

AS Unit Examined unit
This unit explores a range of challenges faced by people due to physical disability, learning disability, mental health issues and social circumstances. You should focus on the four categories and eight conditions identified.
• physical challenge (cystic fibrosis and osteoarthritis) • mental health challenge (Alzheimer’s and bipolar disorder) • social challenge (young carers and person in later adulthood) • learning challenge (autism and Down’s syndrome)

A2 Examined unit
This unit aims to develop your understanding of the influences that can affect learning and development, as well as key Psychological theories which attempt to explain behaviour.
A2 portfolio unit
In this unit students can choose job roles from the health, social care, children and young people and community justice sectors. This will offer them the opportunity of looking closer at career paths they are considering for the future.

Digital Learning

There is ample opportunity for students to engage in digital; learning within Health and social A-level. Portfolio work through out the course is completed using google drive which enables precise and effective feedback throughout the year. Media sources such as the BBC website and youtube allow students to engage with contemporary scenario based work surrounding the knowledge which they gather.

Why take Health and Social Care?

• To build awareness and understanding of contemporary issues in health and social care
• To complement other A-level studies
• To learn skills essential for higher education and the world of work.

This course is suitable for those considering a range of careers including: Childcare, Nursing, Pediatrics, Midwifery, Social work, Teaching, work within the Police, Probation Service, Medicine, Paramedics and Mental Health Counselling.