There has been a lot of research into the learning styles of boys and girls, recognising that they learn differently.

Diamond Gender differences in mathematical cognition found significant gender differences in functional brain activation.

Diamond Differences in hearing reviewed research into hearing, identifying sex differences in the parameters underlying the experience of hearing, with important implications for best practice in the classroom.

Diamond Gender specific classrooms research has led them to adopt single-sex classes at their school in recognition of research into boys and girls learning styles.

Diamond With boys and girls in mind concluded that “we now have the science to prove our intuition that tells us that boys and girls do indeed learn differently.”

What is the ‘Diamond Model’ in Schools?

Boys and girls are different, yet society is mixed. Unlike any other local school, Teesside High has taken these simple facts head on. The system of education that evolved towards the end of the twentieth century to address gender differences, without artificially segregating girls and boys, is called the Diamond Model.

Quite simply, the Diamond provides a best of both worlds approach, combining the academic success of all boys’ and all girls’ schools with the cultural and social advantages of coeducation. It’s better for boys. And it’s better for girls.

Our ‘Diamond’ school unites girls and boys at the foundation stage of their education. Segregation at a very early age could have serious social consequences in late adolescence. Boys and girls are then taught separately for core subjects from Year 5 right through to the completion of GCSE at sixteen. However we provide opportunities for boys and girls to mix socially, both in terms of organised activities and unstructured time during breaks in the school day. In the Sixth Form the students are taught together again.

It is reported that children from single sex schools are more likely to ‘drop out’ of university courses than those educated at co-educational sixth forms.

It is just five years since we phased in the Diamond Model in our school and we have over 100 boys in the school now, in every year group. Why not call us on 01642 782095 to find out more?